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Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate

Zinc is incompletely absorbed from gastrointestinal tract and absorption is reduced in the presence of some dietary constituents such as phytates. Bioavailability of dietary zinc varies widely between different sources, but is approximately 20% to 30%. Zinc is distributed throughout the body with the highest concentrations found in muscle, bone, skin and prostatic fluids. It is primarily excreted in the faeces and regulation of faecal losses is important in zinc homoeostasis. Small amounts are lost in urine and perspiration.

  • Indication

    For prevention and treatment of Zinc deficiency characterized by growth retardation and defects of rapidly dividing tissues such as the skin, the immune system and the intestinal mucosa. It is also used as supplements to correct Zinc deficiency: for example in malabsorption syndromes, during parenteral feeding, in conditions with increased body losses (trauma, burns and protein-losing states) and in acrodermatitis enteropathic ( a rare genetic disorder characterized by severe Zinc deficiency).

  • Dosage and Administration


    1mL to 5mL three times daily for Zinc deficiency or as prescribed by physician.


    5mL to 10mL (1 to 2 teaspoonfuls) daily fir Zinc deficiency states or as prescribed by physician.