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  • First Aid

    First Aid kits need to be easily accessible in case an emergency situation arises. We offer a First Aid Bundle that is well organize, ideally in a bag that allow you to quickly grab what you need.

     THeS kit contains a First Aid instructions on how to treat: minor cuts, burns, and sprains.

  • Medical And Nutrition...

    Our Outreach Packs contain some of the most requested non-prescription medicines, vitamins and minerals and supplies.

    Being a FDA regulated online pharmacy, your order will be FDA compliant, economical and convenient outreach packs and in paper bags with your organization's logos on it.

  • Dengue Kit
  • Bag of Hope

    All-In-One Emergency Evacuation Kit feature that refrains you from things that you can't control from happening.

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  • Price PHP6,500.00

    When it comes to Dengue diagnosis, the first step to do is screening. 

    The Dengue Combo NS1 and IgG/IgM Rapid Test is a lateral flow immune assay test for simultaneous detection and differentiation of dengue IgG, dengue IgM and dengue NS1

    Antigen in human serum, plasma or whole blood. The test was found to give sensitivity value of 100.0% for detection of either Ag or dengue antibodies. 

    Provide results within 15-20 minutes

    Best to use between 7 days or more of fever

    Package includes 10 pcs. test kit cassettes,  10 pcs lancet , 10 pcs. pippet and a 5ml bottle of Dengue Rapid test diluent

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